Water to Water High Temp


Designed for domestic or non-domestic water heating, this system will provide the customer with a constant 135 degree water. Available with a double wall heat exchanger for pool heating, domestic hot water needs and more, this single stage high temp unit can produce extremely hot water while still maintaining superb efficiencies. Complete with all of the same amenities as our Water to Water line, this configuration is a sound choice for any water heating application.

Built with heavy gauge powder coated aluminum and assembled with stainless steel bolts, this cabinet is one of the most durable in the industry.

Included with each unit are heavy duty brass unions for ground loop and tank connections. As are all of Spectrum Manufacturing’s equipment, this unit is fully run tested to make sure it leaves the factory in working condition.

ahriAlso available with each system is Spectrum limited lifetime warranty – lifetime on the cabinet and plc and 10 years parts and labor on the refrigeration circuit.

Product Materials

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2. Complete Warranty Information

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