Water to Air Downflow

Spectrum Manufacturing’s top return down-flow model is the ideal solution for replacement or new construction jobs that have limited space. Invented by John Farlow in 1999, this top return down-flow unit is exclusive to the entire geothermal market.

As is the case with new and old homes today, John came across a job with limited space between the hot water tank and the wall. Rearranging the components of a side return heat pump, he was able to develop a working top return, front a serviceable down flow unit.

After taking his idea to several manufacturers, John finally found one that would build it to his specifications. Working together with Spectrum’s cabinet shop, he was able to improve on his design and help produce the industry’s only top return down-flow geothermal heat pump.

Built with heavy gauge powder coated aluminum and assembled with stainless steel bolts, the cabinet enclosure is one of the most durable in the industry. All Spectrum top return down-flow units come with standard 4″ filter racks that accept off the shelf 4″ filters that the homeowner may buy wherever they choose. Also standard with each unit is a US Motors ECM blower motor with five low voltage speed taps and an internal duct to balance static pressures and mount an optional 10, 15, or 20kw auxiliary heat strip. As are all of Spectrum Manufacturing’s equipment, this unit is fully run tested in heating and cooling to make sure that it leaves the factory in working condition. Also available with each system is Spectrum’s limited lifetime warranty – lifetime on the cabinet and PLC and 10 years parts and labor on the refrigeration circuit.

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